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What We Deliver

Volunteer driver with his packed meal bags ready to go

We are proud to serve delicious, scratch-made food that nourishes body, mind, and spirit!


Part of aging with dignity is being able to eat food that you truly love while supporting your health and wellbeing. Whether a client is vegetarian, eating heart healthy, diabetic, has specific cultural/religious preferences or just doesn’t like Brussel sprouts, we do our best to cater to their specific needs.

​Nourish delivers more than a meal. Our clients are valued members of our extended family. We are always here to support, so no one ever feels alone, and to celebrate milestones and achievements together. 

Our Programs

Weekday Meal Delivery

Nourish Meals on Wheels delivers fresh and delicious meals five days a week, Monday through Friday. And, we are able to accommodate diabetic diets, allergies, and meal preferences. This daily visit by our volunteers allows for a safety check. If a recipient does not answer the door or the telephone and/or if something seems unusual with a recipient, volunteers are instructed to notify the office immediately. Office staff will then respond by reaching out to the emergency contact on file, or in that contact is unreachable, initiating a welfare check.


Participants in our breakfast program receive a bag filled with five days of breakfasts. Delivered weekly, these ready-to-eat and easily prepared items include a variety of hot and cold cereal, hard-boiled eggs and/or an egg sandwich, fruit, yogurt, breakfast breads, muffins, and milk or juice. Clients must participate in and receive our weekday meals Monday through Friday to be eligible for our breakfast program.


We celebrate clients’ birthdays with cake, a card and a small gift. On holidays throughout the year we deliver special meals and themed tray favors. During our Twelve Days of Giving Holiday Gift Program each client receives a gift for 12 days in December along with their meal.

Weekend Meals

We offer an option for two frozen meals to eat over the weekend, which are delivered with Friday’s meal. The weekend meals are prepared fresh in our kitchen, then delivered frozen.

Supplementary Groceries

Clients who need extra support can participate in our Grocery Program. Volunteers deliver bags of non-perishable groceries on the 2nd Saturday of each month., with the goal of ensuring each client has at least three days of food in their pantry. We share what we have, usually a nice variety of canned and dry foods as well as paper products.

Pet Program

Along with our grocery program, we deliver dog and cat food, kitty litter, and treats to clients who need help feeding their pets, so they don’t have to share their own meals!

More Details


​To be eligible for our services, new clients must:

  • Live in the South Metro Denver area, within one of the following zip codes: 80104 (partial), 80108 (partial), 80109, 80110, 80111, 80112, 80113, 80120, 80121, 80122, 80123, 80124, 80126, 80127 (inside C470 loop) 80128, 80219, 80130, 80134, 80210, 80219 (south of Mississippi), 80222, 80223 (south of Mississippi), 80227, 80232, 80235, 80236, 80237, 80465 (inside C470 loop)




Be age 60 or older


Be homebound, which is a person described as physically challenged to leave home, be unable to prepare meals due to physical or restrictive condition, and are at-risk without nutritional support services. Please contact our office for specifics on your personal situation.

If you live outside of our service area, please click HERE to search for your local Meals On Wheels programs.

What Our Clients Say

"VERY GOOD meals! Beyond my expectations! I have eaten every bite so far! It’s so nice to see the folks that bring the food!"

Our Service Area

Our service area is growing. The map below is a representation of where current deliveries are occurring. Please refer to the zip codes listed in the eligibility section above, or call our office at 303.798.7642 for the most up to date information.

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