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Happy 100th Birthday, Del!

Today marks the 100th birthday celebration of Del Fischer, a delightful and remarkable resident of Littleton. Del remembers moving to Littleton with his family from Kansas during the Dust Bowl in 1932. He graduated from Littleton High School in 1942. Over the years, he has witnessed the town undergo significant growth, much of which he played a role in bringing about.


Del became a successful general contractor and built his own house near Bemis Library in 1950, with his wife and children which, until the rest of the neighborhood was built, provided him with breathtaking views of the mountains. In those days, the area south and west of Ridge Road was nothing but vast fields of alfalfa. Del proudly contributed to the construction of many notable structures in the town, including the Littleton Medical Clinic, numerous houses, and the Art Depot located next to Buck Recreation Center.


Del's wife was an accomplished artist who passed away, leaving behind some of her remarkable works. As a tribute to her, Del donated some of her works to The Art Depot and Buck Rec Center. We feel honored to have Del as a client and wish him all the very best on his 100th birthday!


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