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Volunteer Spotlight: Bernadette

Bernadette has been an essential part of Nourish's kitchen for three years, working tirelessly to serve, seal, and label meals. Her commitment is truly remarkable.

Bernadette's thirst for knowledge is evident in her extensive research experience. At the University of Colorado Health Science Center's Psychiatry department, she led a post-mortem brain bank for 20 years, focusing on schizophrenia.

Beyond her professional achievements, Bernadette is an avid skier and a skilled quilter. She generously shares her talent with us by lending some of her beautiful quilts to brighten up our space.

Currently on display is "The Neighborhood," a vibrant quilt depicting rows of houses adorned with patterned fabrics and occupants visible through the windows. We encourage you to admire Bernadette's work next time you're in our building.

Thank you, Bernadette, for sharing your time and talents with Nourish. Your contributions make a significant difference to our community.

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