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Santa Delivers Meals and Holiday Cheer

In the spirit of spreading joy during a time when social isolation and loneliness may feel more pronounced, our Twelve Days of Giving Program ensures each client receives a beautifully wrapped gift with their meal for each of the twelve delivery days beginning Thursday, December 7th leading up to Christmas.


We understand the mixed emotions that this season can bring, and we believe that a small gesture can make a significant impact. Our aim is to brighten days, and turn moments of solitude into opportunities for connection and delight. 

Accompanied by our Community Engagement Coordinator, Santa Claus set out to deliver hot meals and holiday cheer to a few of our clients. The sight of Santa at their doorstep filled our clients with delight and wonder, sparking smiles that warmed our hearts.

But the true magic of Santa's visits lay not just in the gifts he brought, but in the sense of connection and companionship he offered to our clients. For many, Santa's visit was a bright spot in an otherwise challenging time, a reminder that they were valued and remembered during the holidays. And for all involved, it was a reminder that the spirit of giving truly knows no bounds.


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