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Radiating Holiday Cheer: Twelve Days of Giving a Success!

Updated: Apr 3

A time-honored tradition, our Twelve Days of Giving program once again illuminated the holiday season with warmth and compassion.

Understanding the mixed emotions that this season could evoke, we wanted to make a significant impact by ensuring each client received a beautifully wrapped gift alongside their meal for each of the twelve delivery days beginning Thursday, December 7th leading up to Christmas.

In the spirit of spreading joy and comfort, our community rallied together to provide an array of thoughtful gifts. Each item was carefully selected to lift the spirits of our clients. This year, our generously donated gifts included:

  1. 550 vibrant poinsettias, adding a touch of festive color to their homes.

  2. Cozy blankets, offering warmth during chilly winter nights.

  3. Delightful cocoa bombs, inviting moments of indulgence and relaxation.

  4. Packs of greeting cards, fostering connections with loved ones near and far.

  5. Practical calendars, helping to organize and plan for the year ahead.

  6. Comforting oatmeal packs, a nourishing start to their mornings.

  7. Energy efficient light bulbs and night lights, illuminating their surroundings with a gentle glow.

  8. Jars of jam, spreading sweetness and joy with every bite.

  9. Pairs of cozy socks, providing comfort and warmth for their feet.

  10. Heating pads, offering relief and relaxation for tired muscles.

  11. Toiletry kits, ensuring they have the essentials for self-care and hygiene.

  12. Armchair pockets, adding convenience and organization to their living spaces.

As preparations for the Twelve Days of Giving began, our volunteers worked tirelessly to source and wrap gifts with care and love. Meanwhile, the generosity of our community poured forth, with donations flooding in from every corner, reflecting the spirit of unity and compassion that defines us.

With each delivery, we witnessed the transformative power of kindness. The joy that lit up our clients' faces as they received their gifts was palpable, turning moments of solitude into opportunities for connection and delight. One of our clients shared this touching thank you with us:

Dear Nourish Family,
Every year you touch my heart not only with the 12 Days of Giving but knowing even if I have a rough time you always have a caring face and a smile that shows you care about what you do for others. Years are taking a toll on my survival.
Thank you!
I tell everyone it seems you know me better than the family I grew up with. It’s how you treat each other that matters most in life and you really take the time to listen.

Reflecting on the profound impact of our Twelve Days of Giving program, we remember that it is more than just a tradition; it provides a reminder to all of our clients that they were not alone during the holiday season.

None of this would have been possible without the incredible generosity and support of our community. To all who donated, volunteered, and contributed in any way, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your kindness and compassion made a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.


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